Open Golf

Experience The Park: Golf Excellence and Inclusivity Combined

Our Philosophy.

Golf is for all of us.

What golf has to teach is for everybody. Integrity, perseverance, precision, dedication. These things don’t just make us better at golf, they make us better at life.

And if you believe those are things worth teaching, then it becomes pretty important to make sure some places exist where it can be taught to more of us.

It’s why we built The Park. A golf park that aims to bring everyone in.

Not the same. Not old. Here for all of us.

Welcome to The Park.

We’re Big on Walking at The Park

At The Park, we encourage you to walk while you play. It’s good exercise, it’s good for your mind, and you might just play better golf. In season, we set aside the mornings daily solely for walking The Park. We have plenty of pull carts and a few golf carts, if you need one. Our average walking round is 22 minutes faster than riding rounds.

Youth Programs

With a goal to bring more young people into the game of golf, we offer a wide variety of youth programming ranging from lessons, youth caddie opportunities, and coaching to homework help and events.

Learn More About Our Programs
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